This RARE mix of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, Smokey Quartz, and Quartz is known as a Stone of Ascension, and is believed to raise the spiritual awareness of the human race. It encourages a conscious awareness of the significance in random events to guide us on the right path.

Cacoxenite is also known as Super 7 or the Melody Stone and holds a high vibration and power, which makes it an amazing crystal for mediation and manifestation.  The stone is said to open all of your senses and to bring wellness on all levels.  It is often used in Reiki rituals.

Cacoxenite is believed to promote and heal the third eye and crown chakras. It establishes a connection between person and spirit.  It cleanses the energy center of the body by dispelling out all the negative thoughts and energies.

By balancing the crown chakra, Cacoxenite helps in controlling the thought process of the person, and how he responds to the world.  Cacoxenite is considered the healer of the brow chakra as well.  A balanced brow chakra balances a human being’s thought and internal communications as well and makes them healthy and energetic.

Height and Width of these points are as follows

A: ~2.75"(H), ~2.5"(W)

B: ~3.25"(H), ~2.25"(W)

C: ~3.75"(H), ~1.6"(W)

D: ~3.00"(H), ~2.5"(W)

E: ~4.50"(H), ~1.25"(W)

F: ~4.00"(H), ~2.0"(W)

G: ~4.25"(H), ~2.5"(W)

H: ~3.50"(H), ~2.5"(W)