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This collection was created when a friend contacted me about her back pain. She stated that her back had been hurting since suffering a long-time back injury when she was younger.

The Back-Care Collection should in no way replace a professional medical diagnosis or advice. It can, however, be considered extra support, especially when the crystals are placed directly on the back or injured area as if you were receiving a crystal healing from a certified crystal professional.

The Back-Care Collection contains the following:

1 Smokey Quartz – Helps with muscle tension and spasms

1 Moss AgateCalming and nurturing

1 SeleniteRemoves energy blockages.  Good for back pain

1 Rose QuartzReleases stress and tension.  Provides soothing energy. Relieves general aches and pains.

1 Shiva LinghamHelps with spinal alignment, and provides comfort from all over back pain.

1 BagDesigned to hold the collection