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Properties:  Ability, Grounding, Clarity

Fluorite helps establish and process information, connecting what is already known to what is being learned, therefore making it an excellent learning aid.  It is excellent for cleansing the aura as it helps to ground excessive energy.  Fluorite is a third eye chakra which helps facilitate connection with higher self, and heightens psychic abilities and intuition.

PYRAMID -. The Pyramid is seen as a mystical source of control and power and is thought to have a harmonizing effect on the electromagnetic area of the body
Ancient Egyptians saw the pyramid form as one which drew powerful energy from the earth, focusing it through the middle of the pyramid and out of the pointed apex, into the universe.  When using a gemstone pyramid, the energy is being drawn up through the earth into the crystalline structure and is being directed it out to where the pyramid is pointing. When wanting to control and focus large amounts of energy, a pyramid is your tool of choice.

*Price is per pyramid