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Properties: Natural antibacterial, removes unwanted energies, calming

White Sage, or Salvia Apiana, comes from Southern California and has been used for centuries by the tribal communities in Southern California in ceremonies to seek blessings of health and prosperity, to release lingering energies and for protection. White Sage attaches itself to heavy negative energy, carrying them away, allowing for restoration of intuitive balance and grounding.

This sage mix contains dried English lavender grown at One-derings Lavender Farm in Southern Ohio.  Lavender is known to be anti-bacterial, a mood stabilizer, to relieve stress and promote calm. When used at night, lavender helps with the sleep process.

To use this product, place a small amount of loose sage mix in a fire safe container either on top of charcoal or sand.  Light with a lighter, match, or candle and gently blow out the flames.  Using the smoke the sage mix produces, move around the space you would like to cleans, allowing it to make its way into corners.  If needed, you may move the smoke by waving it with your hand, or with a tool such as a feather or a fan. When finished, place the stick in a fire proof container.  The glow will end on its own unless you blow on the ember which will keep the smoke going.  Always use caution and respect when working with fire.

This product contains seven ounces of sage/lavender mix in a 3-ounce bottle.  One clear crystal point is included in the bottle to enhance the properties of both the White Sage and Lavender.