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        Hey Everyone!  My name is Beth, and I am the owner of DH Crystal Company.

        Around June of 2019 I started discussing the idea of sharing my 20 years of knowledge surrounding crystals on a larger scale with my husband.  This niggle or nudge to start a crystal business came about after answering questions and educating my co-workers as they asked about crystals over the years.

        During meditation one morning the message "go to the crystals" hit me. It was at that time I knew I definitely needed to expand and share my knowledge. So, on September 1st, 2019 DH Crystal Company began.

        Prior to being a business owner and holistic wellness practitioner I worked for MANY years as a Medical and Hospice Social Worker within a large hospital system here in Ohio, however, once the COVID pandemic occurred I left to work full-time with crystals and holistic wellness as a Certified Crystal Therapist, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and a Registered Yoga Teacher.

        My goal when starting DH Crystal Company was to bring the energy, education and excitement of crystals to all who are interested in learning more.

        It has been important to me during my business journey to provide to you with genuine and consciously sourced crystals. The crystals I care for are cleansed and charged on a regular basis, and are done so again prior to shipping them to their permanent homes.  With every order you will receive from me a hand written note, a free gift, and a card providing ideas on how to do your own cleansing and charging once you receive your order.

        As I am a survivor of Pancreatic Cancer, 5% of our monthly sales are donated to Pancreatic Cancer Research.  Please click on the link above to learn more about Pancreatic Cancer and those agencies that support patients and their families.