Black moonstone is a type of gemstone that is made from the mineral orthoclase feldspar. It is a variety of moonstone, which is known for its milky white color and iridescent sheen.

Black moonstone is created by treating white moonstone with certain chemicals or by heating it to high temperatures. The treatment process gives the gemstone a black color, which can range from a deep, dark black to a more muted, grayish black.

Black moonstone is often used in jewelry and decorative objects. It is known for its unique color and the fact that it is still a relatively affordable gemstone. Some people believe that black moonstone has certain healing properties and use it as a form of natural therapy.

Black Moonstone has a strong energy which aids in the connection specific spirit guides, or to the Divine Feminine during meditation.

This crystal is used to balance the base and earth chakras to stimulate grounding as well as provide psychic and overall protection.

Like rainbow moonstone, black moonstone resonates within the higher chakras, which may assist with the development of psychic gifts.

Black Moonstone is a wonderful stone to assist in allowing coincidence and synchronicity to flow in your life.

The calming energies of this Moonstone will help one maintain a clear head which allows them to make rational, non emotional decisions as they arise. 

Carrying this stone allows one to continue opening up their heart and to provide support to others in need without the worry of any negativity affecting their emotional body.

Black Moonstone assists with prosperity in turn and helps attract a gradual increase to your finances.

It's worth noting that black moonstone is not as common as white moonstone and is harder to find.