Each of these Tibetan carved singing bowls provide a rich tone when struck and have been beautifully embossed with a design of a single Dhyani Buddha or five Dhyani Buddhas, or have been hand painted with scriptures.  Singing bowls have been used traditionally for many centuries for both mediation and chanting.

The bowl’s rich tone and vibration helps clear the mind and promotes deep relaxation.

Each bowl comes with 1 striker mallet and cushions are not available for large size bowls.

Weights and measurements are as follows:

Small - weight 12oz, diameter 3.5

Medium - weight 1 lb 1.1oz, diameter 4.5

Large - weight 2lbs, diameter 5.5

Extra Large - weight 4lbs, diameter 7

Hand made in Tibet by artists, each bowl will have variations in finish, size, and tone.

Metals used to make these bowls include a mixture of copper, tin, and iron metals.