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        Crystal Talk

        Overcoming Holiday Stress With Crystals!

        The holiday season is coming, and for some, comes travel.  According to the US Department of Transportation, travel over Thanksgiving weekend increases by 54% more than any other time of the year.  Over 51 MILLION Americans travel at least 50 miles or more during this holiday weekend. 

        No matter if you are travelling over the holiday, or travelling every day, there are crystals that can help with the protection and the stress of being on the go.

        Crystals for travel are perfect for anyone who drives on a daily basis, or travels often.  When we travel in our cars around town, or on a flight out of town, we can be subjected to other’s emotions and actions, as well as unforeseen circumstances of our own.  These emotions, actions, and situations can be un-grounding and can throw off our balance of energy.  

        Hematite – Helps with jet lag, Amethyst – Reduces anxiety bringing a sense of control, Black Tourmaline – Shields you from the energies of others around you, Smokey Quartz – Stone of cooperation, and having an Evil Eye Amulet, or any other amulet that helps with energy, or that protects one from misfortune or injury, is perfect to round out your travel collection!

        The crystals mentioned above help keeps us safe when travelling, but what about the stresses that come with the travelling?  If you are one of the 51 million driving to grandma’s house over the holidays, it is a given that you will be stuck in traffic at some point.  Or, if you are one of the 51 million to fly, there is always that crowded airport with all the questionable energy swirling around, flight delays, or even flight cancellations all together, all of which brings....STRESS!!!   

        There are four crystals in which I use on a regular basis that aids in releasing the stress and struggle, promoting calming, soothing energy.  Black Agate – Finds inner strength, Moss Agate – Releases fear and let’s go of anxiety and stress, Lingam Stone – Lets go of emotions that are not for your highest good, and Rose Quartz – Brings love and calming, soothing energy.

        When using these crystals for the soothing calm, I also add a bit of Lavender essential oil to the mix as its not only a mood stabilizer by relieving stress and promoting calm, but when used at night lavender helps with the sleep process. It also doesn’t hurt that Lavender is known to be an anti-bacterial either.  That means maybe it’s doing extra duty to help keep the germs away!!  *fingers crossed* 
        What are your plans for the upcoming holidays?

        With peace, 
        Beth~DH Crystal Company


        Moon Rituals

        Do you ever read Facebook or Instagram posts about the full moon and new moon, releasing and manifesting, and think, “How do I even do this?” Truth be told, there is no right or wrong way as manifesting and releasing, like many other things in the spiritual world, is all about setting your intention.

        It is said that the full moon is a time to release or purge those things that no longer serve us in our lives. It can be as simple as setting an intention to release the action of waking up late for work every morning to something as big as releasing the job you currently work in, because being late to your job, or your job itself, may no longer serve you. You may be releasing the way you look at situations, people, or relationships and forgiving any hurt or pain that has occurred.

        To perform a full moon ritual, the items that I personally use include the following:

        • Pen and paper (to write what I am releasing, or as you’ll see in a minute, manifesting)

        • Candle (I use white as it is an all compassing color) • Essential oils of your choosing (I use Rose or Lavender)

        • Sage or incense (to cleanse your space before starting)

        • Crystals

        I intuitively choose my crystals, and what comes up for me most of the time is Moonstone – associated with the moon and helps to connect to the Devine Inspiration, Amethyst – provides a peaceful energy for meditations, as well as encourages inner strength, Clear Quartz – the most powerful healing stone which is able to work in any condition and it helps to amplify any energy or intention, and Labradorite – which is protective against negative energies, helps with transformation and change, as well as heightens intuition.

        Once your supplies and crystals are gathered, and your space is cleansed with your sage or incense, sit quietly in the space, and call up on your Angles and Guides for assistance and protection. Think deeply about what no longer serves you and what you would like to release. Write “I RELEASE” on your paper, and then using precise wording write down those things that you would like to purge and release during the full moon. After your thoughts are written, read your list out loud to the Universe using “I RELEASE” before each item. Once done, burn your list in a fire safe container, fireplace/pit, or kitchen sink and afterwards thank your Angles and Guides and end your ritual.

        As the full moon is for releasing, the new moon is a time for manifestation. I set my new moon ritual up very similar to the way I do my full moon ritual, again listening to my intuition regarding crystal choice. Most of the time I continue to use Moonstone, Clear Quartz, and Labradorite as I do with the full moon ritual (remember to cleanse and charge them between uses), however, during a new moon I will take away the Amethyst and use Rose Quartz in its place as it is the stone of unconditional love, peace, and calm. I cleanse my space with sage or incense and call upon my Angels and Guides for assistance and protection.

        When writing your manifestation list, you are asking for something to come into your life. The school of thought is that if we release during the full moon, we are making way for things to come to use as we manifest during the new moon. To manifest, using precise wording, write your statement in a way that you are using only use positive words. Have passion and emotion and avoid putting expectations and negativity into your intentions. Make your intentions goal oriented by using words such as envision, will, am, hope, or any other words you feel comfortable with. Read your intentions out loud to the Universe, but instead of burning your intentions as done with releases during the full moon, the new moon intentions are to be placed on your alter, or in your sacred space to have time to manifest. Thank your Angles and Guides and end your ritual. Over the next month, take your list out and see what has manifested for you.

        There are many schools of thought surrounding how you should release and purge during the full moon, and how you should manifest during a new moon, but as I said before, THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY! You do what you feel is right within your soul. Let your intuition be your guide!! Remember, the upcoming full moon will be on October 13th! When performing these rituals, they are to be done in the highest good, not to cause or to do harm to others. That’s just not cool.

        With Peace ~ Beth

        Crystal Talk : About Chakras

        Have you ever tried Googling “the chakras”?  So much information comes up!  Where do you begin? 

        There are 7 main chakras within the body.  Each are listed below, starting with the root chakra and working our way up to the crown chakra.  Each chakra description lists the coordinating color, properties associated with that chakra, where the chakra is located on your body, and crystals that correspond and balance that chakra.

        The root chakra

        Color: Red 

        Properties: Grounding, safety, and security

        Location: Base of the spine in the perineum area

        Crystals: Golden tiger eye, red jasper, obsidian, hematite


        The sacral chakra

        Color: Orange

        Properties: Emotions, sexuality, and creativity

        Location: Below the navel

        Crystals: Carnelian, orange calcite, golden tiger eye


        The solar plexus

        Color: Yellow

        Properties: Confidence, self-esteem, personal power

        Located: Upper abdomen between the navel and the bottom of the breast bone

        Crystals: Citrine, pyrite, or yellow calcite


        The heart chakra

        Color: Green

        Properties: Connection of others and yourself, balance, and compassion

        Located: Heart center

        Crystals: Malachite, green aventurine, or rose quartz


        The throat chakra

        Color: Blue

        Properties: Verbal expression, communication

        Located: Throat area

        Crystals: Lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue lace agate, or celestite


        The brow/3rd eye chakra

        Color: Indigo or violet

        Properties: Intuition, imagination, meditation, and perception

        Located: Middle of the forehead/3rd eye area

        Crystals: Labradorite, amethyst, or purple fluorite


        The crown chakra

        Color: Violet or white

        Properties: Awareness, meaning, knowing, and spirituality

        Located: Top/crown of the head

        Crystals: Amethyst, selenite, clear quartz, or ametrine


        Unless you have performed some type of chakra balance very recently, chakras are in or out of balance at all times. Bringing awareness to how your body feels, see where in your body you are feeling “stuck”.  If there is stagnant or blocked energy in one chakra, the energy is usually stagnant or blocked in the other chakras above it.

        One of the easiest ways to re-aligned your chakras is to use the crystals or stones mentioned in each description above. Placing these stones on your body in the areas of which you are having dis-ease and blockage, imagine your chakra’s getting brighter and lighter.

        You can also clear and clean your chakras through meditation, reiki or other hands on energy healing such as crystal healing (both of which would be performed by a certified professional), or through yoga or breath work.

        Remember to take care of yourself, to be mindful of the feelings you are experiencing, and to check in with those chakras!!


        With peace ~ Beth