Moon Rituals

Do you ever read Facebook or Instagram posts about the full moon and new moon, releasing and manifesting, and think, “How do I even do this?” Truth be told, there is no right or wrong way as manifesting and releasing, like many other things in the spiritual world, is all about setting your intention.

It is said that the full moon is a time to release or purge those things that no longer serve us in our lives. It can be as simple as setting an intention to release the action of waking up late for work every morning to something as big as releasing the job you currently work in, because being late to your job, or your job itself, may no longer serve you. You may be releasing the way you look at situations, people, or relationships and forgiving any hurt or pain that has occurred.

To perform a full moon ritual, the items that I personally use include the following:

• Pen and paper (to write what I am releasing, or as you’ll see in a minute, manifesting)

• Candle (I use white as it is an all compassing color) • Essential oils of your choosing (I use Rose or Lavender)

• Sage or incense (to cleanse your space before starting)

• Crystals

I intuitively choose my crystals, and what comes up for me most of the time is Moonstone – associated with the moon and helps to connect to the Devine Inspiration, Amethyst – provides a peaceful energy for meditations, as well as encourages inner strength, Clear Quartz – the most powerful healing stone which is able to work in any condition and it helps to amplify any energy or intention, and Labradorite – which is protective against negative energies, helps with transformation and change, as well as heightens intuition.

Once your supplies and crystals are gathered, and your space is cleansed with your sage or incense, sit quietly in the space, and call up on your Angles and Guides for assistance and protection. Think deeply about what no longer serves you and what you would like to release. Write “I RELEASE” on your paper, and then using precise wording write down those things that you would like to purge and release during the full moon. After your thoughts are written, read your list out loud to the Universe using “I RELEASE” before each item. Once done, burn your list in a fire safe container, fireplace/pit, or kitchen sink and afterwards thank your Angles and Guides and end your ritual.

As the full moon is for releasing, the new moon is a time for manifestation. I set my new moon ritual up very similar to the way I do my full moon ritual, again listening to my intuition regarding crystal choice. Most of the time I continue to use Moonstone, Clear Quartz, and Labradorite as I do with the full moon ritual (remember to cleanse and charge them between uses), however, during a new moon I will take away the Amethyst and use Rose Quartz in its place as it is the stone of unconditional love, peace, and calm. I cleanse my space with sage or incense and call upon my Angels and Guides for assistance and protection.

When writing your manifestation list, you are asking for something to come into your life. The school of thought is that if we release during the full moon, we are making way for things to come to use as we manifest during the new moon. To manifest, using precise wording, write your statement in a way that you are using only use positive words. Have passion and emotion and avoid putting expectations and negativity into your intentions. Make your intentions goal oriented by using words such as envision, will, am, hope, or any other words you feel comfortable with. Read your intentions out loud to the Universe, but instead of burning your intentions as done with releases during the full moon, the new moon intentions are to be placed on your alter, or in your sacred space to have time to manifest. Thank your Angles and Guides and end your ritual. Over the next month, take your list out and see what has manifested for you.

There are many schools of thought surrounding how you should release and purge during the full moon, and how you should manifest during a new moon, but as I said before, THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG WAY! You do what you feel is right within your soul. Let your intuition be your guide!! Remember, the upcoming full moon will be on October 13th! When performing these rituals, they are to be done in the highest good, not to cause or to do harm to others. That’s just not cool.

With Peace ~ Beth

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