Crystal Talk : About Chakras

Have you ever tried Googling “the chakras”?  So much information comes up!  Where do you begin? 

There are 7 main chakras within the body.  Each are listed below, starting with the root chakra and working our way up to the crown chakra.  Each chakra description lists the coordinating color, properties associated with that chakra, where the chakra is located on your body, and crystals that correspond and balance that chakra.

The root chakra

Color: Red 

Properties: Grounding, safety, and security

Location: Base of the spine in the perineum area

Crystals: Golden tiger eye, red jasper, obsidian, hematite


The sacral chakra

Color: Orange

Properties: Emotions, sexuality, and creativity

Location: Below the navel

Crystals: Carnelian, orange calcite, golden tiger eye


The solar plexus

Color: Yellow

Properties: Confidence, self-esteem, personal power

Located: Upper abdomen between the navel and the bottom of the breast bone

Crystals: Citrine, pyrite, or yellow calcite


The heart chakra

Color: Green

Properties: Connection of others and yourself, balance, and compassion

Located: Heart center

Crystals: Malachite, green aventurine, or rose quartz


The throat chakra

Color: Blue

Properties: Verbal expression, communication

Located: Throat area

Crystals: Lapis lazuli, sodalite, blue lace agate, or celestite


The brow/3rd eye chakra

Color: Indigo or violet

Properties: Intuition, imagination, meditation, and perception

Located: Middle of the forehead/3rd eye area

Crystals: Labradorite, amethyst, or purple fluorite


The crown chakra

Color: Violet or white

Properties: Awareness, meaning, knowing, and spirituality

Located: Top/crown of the head

Crystals: Amethyst, selenite, clear quartz, or ametrine


Unless you have performed some type of chakra balance very recently, chakras are in or out of balance at all times. Bringing awareness to how your body feels, see where in your body you are feeling “stuck”.  If there is stagnant or blocked energy in one chakra, the energy is usually stagnant or blocked in the other chakras above it.

One of the easiest ways to re-aligned your chakras is to use the crystals or stones mentioned in each description above. Placing these stones on your body in the areas of which you are having dis-ease and blockage, imagine your chakra’s getting brighter and lighter.

You can also clear and clean your chakras through meditation, reiki or other hands on energy healing such as crystal healing (both of which would be performed by a certified professional), or through yoga or breath work.

Remember to take care of yourself, to be mindful of the feelings you are experiencing, and to check in with those chakras!!


With peace ~ Beth


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